Monday, October 14, 2013

Update On Master And Secondary Full Bathroom Ideas

Brad and I have been told that we really should not use travertine in the shower but that is what we have decided to use throughout the whole master bathroom. Brad loves this design. We like the big piece of subway design. What we do not like is the tumble look. I prefer a clean smooth line. We like the cream color that does not have a lot of darker colors through out. We love how the floor of the shower has a boarder of travertine

My thoughts for the secondary full bathroom. I like everything in the picture. A white subway tile with a med dark gray grout. I do not want the floor tile though. I was thinking, what do you think of a wood a dark brown cherry wood. I have seen tile made in wide wood looking styles. The cabinet painted a rustic green. I like the below pics and I am thinking a half wall of tile above the sink and toilet is the way to go. I would us an inlay where you see the black inlay in the shower area and would help in that design. The cabinet top would be a white marble type with very little or subtle grey lines.

We really need you to bring us some samples. Our schedule really does not allow for the time to shop for tiles etc.