Monday, October 14, 2013

Update On Master And Secondary Full Bathroom Ideas

Brad and I have been told that we really should not use travertine in the shower but that is what we have decided to use throughout the whole master bathroom. Brad loves this design. We like the big piece of subway design. What we do not like is the tumble look. I prefer a clean smooth line. We like the cream color that does not have a lot of darker colors through out. We love how the floor of the shower has a boarder of travertine

My thoughts for the secondary full bathroom. I like everything in the picture. A white subway tile with a med dark gray grout. I do not want the floor tile though. I was thinking, what do you think of a wood a dark brown cherry wood. I have seen tile made in wide wood looking styles. The cabinet painted a rustic green. I like the below pics and I am thinking a half wall of tile above the sink and toilet is the way to go. I would us an inlay where you see the black inlay in the shower area and would help in that design. The cabinet top would be a white marble type with very little or subtle grey lines.

We really need you to bring us some samples. Our schedule really does not allow for the time to shop for tiles etc.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

OUR Bathroom Remodel & Closet Too

I have recently decided to grab some photos from the internet, Houzze and other sites to get inspired about our latest project, remodeling 2 full bathrooms. If you have never visited Houzze, you will wish you had discovered it along time ago. There you can print, send and paste a code into a web site. This is my project for the day and as I move through this project, I will of course be taking Before and After Pics.

Whole House Full Bathroom

Cabinet Look For All House Full Bathroom. This is a large version of what I would like to accomplish. Need as much storage as possible and perhaps, see the next picture, using the same cabinet style as this, have one of the units to the left and have that go to the floor like a closet. See picture (2)

See this picture for reference to the deep closet space. Imagine this to the floor and to be a part of the vanity and as wide to hold towels and at eye level to hold medicine cabinet things as well as a couple drawers at waste level for brushes, hair dryer etc.


Picture 3 above shows my idea of how on the end would be a cabinet/towel closet/medicine cabinet idea.


This is an idea for the end of the vanity that holds towels etc


Idea of how to do the shower are instead of a tub.

Built in sitting area idea

possible color idea for cabinets instead of white.
If I have the space for this , this would be great with one sink in the middle and 2 end unitis to hold towels etc.

Style of this bathroom, more contemporary, inspired by NY hotel

The counter was a quartz and more cream white than this picture shows and the square under-mount sink is the clean look that I am looking for.

This is almost the space for the vanity area that our whole house bathroom has and then the closet / towel unit to one side look

I like the above example of contemporary, painted earthy green brown color and it is a good example of how deep and the look of the side cabinet would look. I think the cabinet side should be on the left side near the shower room.

Should we knock down the wall to create a more open space, place the high cabinet between the toilet or to the right side???

The below picture is how to keep a tub in the full bathroom.

I love this color or the dark brown black cherry wood color



Contemporary Bathroom by Lafayette Interior Designers & Decorators Home Systems , Wendi Zampino

Love the soap dished for both bathrooms. Like the large space and med to small space combo for tall and short items.
Seamless shower for the master to the ceiling with a steam shower option. Rain shower above and wall shower head as well. Tub wall along the shower and back splash is great. We bo not want a step.

Just another inspriration for the way the tile is laid in the master shower.

Traditional Bathroom by Poughkeepsie Architects & Designers Daniel Contelmo Architects

We want a decorative middle section but not this skinny,  a little deeper to hold drawers at the bottom and medicine cabinet things with a mirror door to hide the medicine stuff.
I need the inside of the unit exposed lowest shelf to be at least  10.75" wide and  19.5"   long.
See the first exposed opened sholf above th drawer, this is where I will put a antique mirrored perfume tray.
Love the molding around the mirrors and the sconces as well.

Style of master cabinets. Think white worm wood light antique glaze, french country.

What if we took our linen closet and created this cabinet unit.

Even More Ideas

Tub idea

Love the way the sink vanity area jets out just a bit.

We love the arch above the vanity mirrors that finish the cabinets.

Another great example of the french country look for the master bath cabinets below.

I like the details of the base of the unit. Feet, french country



Below Color